Sunday, August 2, 2015


In fourth grade Miss Lummis gave out compasses. Not the kind that tell you where Santy Clause lives, but the kind you draw patterns with. We cut triangles in half, drew venn diagrams and big, bubble butts. Miss Lummis never said to do the bubble butts. We did that ourselves. Some kids drew tittie pictures too, but kids always draw tittie pictures, even when they got no special equipment.

Max Freeman said you can blind somebody with a compass, 'cause one part's basically just a long, thick needle. And crazy bastids use 'em to blind people all the time. That's how eye doctors get all their customers. They put this new jelly back inside the eye and sew it up. The scar makes everybody look like they're swimmin' or something, but everybody likes swimmin' so who cares. 

Me and Ca-Ca want to kill a kid. We wanna use a compass. They don't sell 'em in stores no more, 'cause violent kids in 'bad' schools jab kids with 'em. It's true. Teacher claps her hands and goes - Stop it! Stop it! They ain't no God damned stabbing sticks!!... But violent bad kids know better. Now they sell baby stuff. Now they sell some plastic, stencil shit which is almost impossible to kill somebody with,  unless you are a ninja, or like a chimpanzee or something. But I got my uncles old cigar box... his school cigar box... and it's got TWO drawing compasses in it... the metal, jabbing, killing kind, although I don't think the dollar store ever advertised them that way.

You know, Ca-Ca doesn't even know her real name. People tell her it's Catherine, but she tells 'em to go to hell. I'm Timothy. My name is Timothy. That, I know, 'cause they named me after some saint. Saints are dead people who stay in the same room as God all the time. He must play games with them to keep 'em from actin' up and gettin' bored.

Ester's gonna die 'cause she farts in class. She can't help it 'cause she's lactose intolerant, but she loves milk, so that creates a big problem. Her mother took her to a doctor. He said - So what? She farts. It's natural..... Her mother told him to go to hell... Everybody tells everybody to go to hell around my way. But I don't think you can 'go' to hell. I think they have to send you, like they do to a mental hospital, or something.

I gave Ca-Ca a compass. First I showed her how to use it. We killed her three feet tall Barbie doll a few times. She was half bald headed anyway. But Ca-Ca said she remembered from when Miss Lummis gave out compasses in the fourth grade.

So we walked home with Ester and cut behind the old Kotex factory. All's back there is broke cement, weeds and shitty stuff. Once we saw a drunk guy, but he was lying down and crying. Ca-Ca gave him a few Chicklets. She shook 'em down on him from the box. He said - Lee' me alone. Lee' me alone... We ran away.

It was six days after Halloween when we did it. Half dark by three thirty, 'specially on a cold, cloudy day. The Rite-Aid store already had Christmas decorations up. That, I remember. I bought chocolate covered cherries for my mom-mom in there. She had diabetes, but she don't have it no more, 'cause she's dead.

Ester wanted to fart, but she didn't 'cause we were there. I could tell by the look on her face. I said - Hey, Ester, I saw a special guy in a silvery suit who held a microphone up to his ass and farted Give My Regards To Broadway in the circus... no, not the circus... at a carnival. Maybe you could get a job like that? Like bein' a magician, 'cept you don't need no rabbits...... She hugged her books and said - Very funny. Very funny.... Ca-Ca said - That's not funny. You wanna know what's funny?.... Ester said - What?..... Ca-Ca said - This is..... And she jabbed that compass-needle right in her throat. Went in like three or four inches. Ester just stands there. Ca-Ca pulls it out. Ester falls. Ca-Ca looks at the blood drippin' off the point like nail polish. Then she kicks her a few times. Ester curls up and lays on her side. She's cryin'. I can see she's cryin'. But she grunts. That's the only noise she makes. Figure Ca-Ca ripped her voice box or something. Then she jabs her again. Ca-Ca, I mean. Once it went in her eye. Once in her ear. I jabbed her a few times too, 'cause Ca-Ca was lookin' at me and all. But I just jabbed her on her arms and legs, 'cause I figure a kid can live with that. Only thing is she didn't live. Ca-Ca said - No more farts from her.... And we ran away. 

Two hours after dinner they found the body...

< to be continued >


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Nephy Hart Author said...

Absolutely chilling. Awesome writing. Of course. I miss your vampires but this carries on the scary tradition so all good.