Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Go see The First JET Kindle Novella by Andrew Harding... Violence is cathartic.. 7/30/15

Straight out of London come tales of unimaginable crimes and the preternaturally tinged detectives who solve them. 

Well over one million people get lost in this world on a regular basis via the popular HYBRID SERIES...

Meet operatives accidentally, or maybe even purposely 'enhanced' by the blood of night fiends.... But only enhanced, for they retain their fundamental humanity.

And now they hook up with covert operatives controlled by The Pentagon. MI5 comes stateside and mates with the CIA.

They're after big fish now (not that they haven't been before)...maybe real big fish... SHARKS... TERRORISTS... modern day brutal pirates out to mutilate society and destroy our world.

Have a taste. Take a bite. Click on CATHARTIC INTRIGUE ...and get to know JET...

Sort of like JAMES BOND and JANE BOND on steroids....

And to follow Mr. Harding on TWITTER click - TALK TO THE AUTHOR ... communicate. It's a two way street. Your view matters too.

Now dive in...

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