Saturday, September 12, 2015


Timothy and Ca-Ca sit in a bus stop shelter. There's a little bit of snow and ice on the ground. Light traffic. Few people. Grat-white sky.

Tim watches the vapor come out of his mouth. Ca-Ca thinks. She says - There's gotta be like twenty kids who look like us. We're not special. I went in the cloak room and looked at all the coats. You know how many girls got pink coats like mine? And the boys are even worse. So what if that stinkin' shit for brains saw us. He eats Doritos with chopsticks. I saw him. And they weren't even chopsticks. I think they were long, skinny pencils, like advertising for some company. He smiled at me and his teeth were all yellow-orange.

Tim goes - Why are you talking so fast? She goes - No I'm not. I'm not talking fast. Shut up. I am not.... He goes back to watching the vapor rise from his lips.

A cop car rolls by. Ca-Ca freezes, but nothing happens... Four heartbeats later, she repeatedly bangs the back of her head against the thick plexi-glass....,. Tim looks but does nothing.... Then she stops, leans against the cloudy, scratched up barrier and says - I feel like calling the cops. I feel like telling them. I feel like taking my Sharpies and a piece of that heavy, white construction paper and makin' a card, a big f#cking card --- Dear Cops, I killed Esther. I let the life out of her with the long, sharp point of an old corroded, metal compass thing. And I let the life out of her over and over and over again.... Then I'll draw a picture. You know those flowers I always draw, the ones with the cute happy faces? Well, these'll be sad ones and they'll say 'R.I.P., Esther.'

Tim looks at her and goes - You say that, but you won't do it.

Ca-Ca goes - Yes I would. So they lock me up. I'll sit by myself and read all day...(she shrugs)... He goes - You'd go crazy in two weeks.... She goes - Fine, then I'll write my own books. You gotta be crazy to do that.... He goes - You wanna go home?.... She goes - I can't. I can't get up yet. I have to just sit here.... He nods....

After a bit Ca-Ca says - I think if they put me away, I'd wind up killin' a kid.... Tim goes - You didn't do nothing to that money, did you?... Ca-Ca goes - No, I still got it, eighteen thousand dollars... Tim asks - You still got it in that Spiderman lunch box?... She goes - Yep..... He goes - I'm thinkin'. We don't need no fake mom if we run away. How 'bout just a big brother, or a big sister? All they have to be is twenty one years old, eighteen even. I don't know. ... Ca-Ca goes - Why? You got somebody?....This time he shrugs... But he gives her a look like maybe he does.

A bus pulls up, crunching on the ice and snow. Two thickset, middle aged women get off and sit down on the bench right next to Ca-Ca and Timothy,  to wait for their connection.... After a few heartbeats our scared killers (remember, Tim helped kill Esther too) get up and hurry off....

We watch from a distance, as they slip and slide down a narrow, cobbled street lined with plain, tiny row houses, under a cold, damp, darkening sky...

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