Friday, September 11, 2015


Ca-Ca's cousin, Mike's cellar.

She sits on the old sofa, listening to her cousin... not looking at him, but listening...

Mike - It's not easy. It's different with kids. You can't just pay a whore to make like she's your mother and go hide. People ask questions. They say - Why ain't that kid in school?.... And you can't just walk in any place and go BOOM! I'm here. They want to see your birth certificate. They want to see your records... What you did at your old school. They wanna see medical stuff, like if you got all your shots and if you ever bit anybody...

Ca-Ca - So? Homeschool... We'll say I'm homeschool...

Mike - They come to your house then. It's even worse. What are you, a moron? They talk to the mother... And if they even THINK she's a whore they send you to foster care. You know Crazy Libby from down the street?

Ca-Ca - Yeah?

Mike - Well, she was in foster care for six years. You wanna wind up like her?!

She doesn't answer....

Mike - Eighteen thousand dollars ain't gonna be enough. OK, you can live in a dump. That's alright. You can do that. But even a dump costs money. And fake moms don't cook. You're gonna have to feed her McDonalds... No, not McDonalds. Wendy's at least. Like the big sandwiches. The dinner sandwiches. She's gonna want breakfast too and potato chips and all that. Plus what are you gonna do if she starts to turn tricks, or takes drugs, or hooks up with some pimp? Not like they have an agency, or something. You gotta trust 'em and you CAN'T trust 'em.

She doesn't say a word.....

Mike - They're gonna send you to jail. I know it. Not 'jail' jail, baby jail. And what are you? Ten? They're gonna lock you up til you're twenty one years old. Even then, you might go to a mental hospital, or 'bitch' prison. You wanna get raped? You want some rancid bull-girl lovin' you up all the time?

Ca-Ca - Then I'll kill myself.

Mike - Kill yourself. Do it. Who cares? I took a chance. I asked around. People said - What are you writing a book?... And I said - Yeah, I'm writing a book.... You think they're gonna forget about that?... Lemme tell ya, they NEVER forget. I DID juvvie hall. I know.

Ca-Ca - Tim's gonna kill himself for real. I know.

Mike - Yeah? Well, good for him. Let him do it. One less bastid you gotta worry about.

They just sit there for what seems an awful long time.

Mike - You want pizza? We got pizza.

Ca-Ca - No.

Mike - You want a cold drink? Some soda?

She shakes her head.

Mike - You gonna tell Tim?

She shrugs... Mike makes like he's gonna say something, but then he exhales and stomps upstairs...

Ca-Ca just sits there.

<to be continued>


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