Thursday, September 17, 2015


Timothy and Ca-Ca went out to Esther's grave. They could have gone by bus, not one route but a series of routes, maybe three. But Mike took them. He drove out to Delaware County in his car, a nineteen ninety-three Toyota Camri... the dark green one... the one you see coming and going. It runs. He calls it a classic. All his homies say it's a hoop-tee. But he keeps it clean and polished and bought this kit to fix the splits in the vinyl on the dashboard, so it looks alright.

As they left the city and continued into the modest, close-in suburbs, Ca-Ca said - How'd you find this place?..... From some 'app.' They got an app, 'Visit The Dead,' it's called. You put in the age, year of death, address while living and some other crap and they tell ya - he said.... Timothy goes - This feels creepy.... Mike goes - It is creepy. But I read this thing that says the dead forgive everybody, 'cause they know the reasons for everything and like they're living in paradise, so what the hell do they care?..... Ca-Ca - You think Esther's in paradise?....Mike thinks for a moment and goes - Yeah...... Timothy hiccups and sighs.

They turn off into some residential 'township'...small, brick, colonial houses, scattered, little strip malls with chain drug stores and fast food joints, maybe a convenience store or a dry cleaner and then there on the left is the cemetery, an open, more or less flat green field with scattered bushes, isolated trees and a multitude of granite monuments marking the subterranean 'homes' of the dead. The late afternoon, November sun bathes everything in a crisp, clear orange light. Mike parks the car in on a little, gravel lot. They get out. He leads the two contrite killers down a winding path. Then he says - Right here. This is it.... How do you know? - says Ca-Ca. There ain't no tombstone..... Timothy whispers - They don't call 'em tombstones no more. They call 'em monuments...... OK, 'monuments' - says Ca-Ca. But how do you know this is the place?.... Mike says - I know. They give you a print out on the computer. Tell ya who's next door and all around her. See Frances Davis over there?..... They squint into the sun and look.... He continues - Well, right by her is Esther..... The two killers look down at a dry, tan rectangle of dirt.... Ca-Ca goes - How come she ain't got no grass?... Mike goes - Jesus Christ, Ca-Ca, how long you think it's been since you two killed her?!... They just stand there with their hands shoved in their pockets, lookin' at the ground.... Timothy says - Should we say something?... Mike goes - What do you think?.... Tim shrugs.... Ca-Ca says - Sorry, Esther... Tim goes - Yeah, sorry Esther. I hope you're happy with God and all.... Something makes Ca-Ca grin and she says - I hope you don't have to fart all the time anymore...... Tim reverently nods. Then they just stand there some more, only now their hands ain't shoved down their pockets....Mike goes - Ask her to forgive you..... Ca-Ca, in a quiet voice, says - I did.... Did she - asks Mike?..... Ca-Ca just shrugs..... Tim says - What kind a box she in? I read even the steel-metal ones dent and cave in after a few days.... Mike goes - Come on, you know her mother. What kind you think?... Ca-Ca looks up and says - Probably a cheap one?... Mike goes - Yeah, a cheap one....

He leads them back along the narrow, winding path. They get in the car and leave.

But here and there among the graves we notice eight foot tall, seemingly 'ornamental, wrought iron poles with leaves around them and other appropriate decorations. The setting sun glints off small, glass lenses at the top... security cameras put up to catch vandals.

Maybe next time they check 'em they'll find something else...

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  1. Finding that something else was gonna be no easy task Ca-Ca with a penchant for gabbying on about government entitlements stamps laced with LSD is how it was said. "That's howhe lost his marble" a real good one too

    You seeVampires have polarities or "learning curves" to remembering every second of their lives that whwen they were having to subjugate many non-secular vampires simply stopped recording journaling their lives. Unlike Billy who is dilogent in hos tasks to write all this dow . But what do humans know I know I am 95 years old and the arthritis started far too early wicketting my pheromonal vivre to dust that will too like my flesh catch a breeze and I will no longer be your scribe oh the sadness is not needed I still have PLENTY of life left in me and am as strong a "Ah-nold" . Watch these words transform before your eyes Billy is tick-tack-click-clacking away i must go ..,

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