Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10 Reasons Why Alien Life Exists ...Paranormal is NOTHING to WHAT'S PROBABLY OT THERE ... 12/15/15

I have nuffink to say. Well, I do, but not a lot, just a short commentary before I retire for a sleep period.

Some say it seems our universe is geared for life. We now know water is abundant and found in many places, as are Earth sized planets.

We talk about technological advancement. Most breakthroughs are mere gadgetry, like the device we're both using now. Although ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE could 'evolve' into something very like an alien life form sometime soon... or relatively soon.

Humanity SHOULD work towards mega-speed space vehicles, expanded lifespans and disease-free bodies.

Imagine..... We don't get sick... We have credible transport that can get us almost everywhere and we have the time to do it.

I'm thinking about that right now... Well, obviously I am, or I wouldn't have typed that.

Also, if you don't have tix or relatives or connections to get you into STAR WARS - FIRST FRIDAY, explore my accessible space opus instead. Google Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz... but before you click, add EL RANCHO TEXACO..... That should get you in. Then scroll forward or backward, depending on how you like to travel through time.

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