Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vampire, Jonathon, PREPARES TO Teach A Lesson... 12/16/15

Jonathon hates exploiters. Maybe because that's what everybody assumes vampires are and he isn't. That 'boyfriend' was an exploiter. It took a lot for the girl to tell him. She loved him. They were engaged. Still are engaged, actually. I mean she still has the ring and she hasn't broken it off. Imagine... a resident training for a specialty in ob/gyn who takes advantage of his 'patients.' Look, he sees one on a regular basis. Oh, he'd never marry her. What could 'she' do for him? His fiancé's father belonged to a quite serviceable town club. Not the best, but all right for now. He liked that. Carriage trade practices make so much more than the take-all-comers kind.

Well, the vampire known as Jonathon ben Macabi ( and sometimes Tomas de Macabea) doesn't take all comers either. That much is true. He's selective. But a character like what's his name, the resident, more than makes the cut. 'Schooling' mortals can be so much fun. Locked one in a dark, cold, granite mausoleum over night. You know, those mini-classic-temple buildings on mossy lanes (strange kind of winter here) in old cemeteries like Laurel Hill ? Jonathon knows how to open the heavy bronze doors. Knows how to seal them shut too. The earliest types are very spare inside... plain stone floor... no plinths. Coffins rest right on the slate paving. Most are neatly arranged along the walls, but sometimes coffins move. Vibrations can do that... small earthquakes... heavy trucks going by just beyond the fence... underground streams. It happens. Families never see it. Caretakers go in to straighten up before any subsequent interments. The thing is, after two or three generations, who's going to come around? Everybody's dead. Place gets all filled up. Door gets shut for good. Maybe some family curious descendant might come around, but they never go inside. Why would they?

Jonathon goes in. He sees through the dark gray, dusty gloom. He sees the unorderly coffins. He sees the cracked wood...the exposed remains... the gruesome, staring, grinning skulls.

Soon that naughty boyfriend will see them too. No, wait. Maybe he won't see them? Maybe he'll just feel them..... Jonathon knows every remote corner. Nobody goes back there, even the caretakers... not late at night anyway... Just the dead and their unfortunate guests. Just a still breathing soul, inching through the dry shattered bones, desperate to find refuge against the cold, stone wall....

Some survive till Jonathon lets them out. Some don't. Once in a while our vampire hero forgets altogether... or he lets himself forget.

You know how it is....

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