Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Neon Trees - Everybody Talks (It started with a whisper) ..TONIGHT ITS ALL YOURS..Go See.. 5/18/16

An experiment. No story tonight, BUT if you want, YOU can write a story, or just about anything for that matter. Leave comments. Talk about YOU and YOUR sites.

We get at least 200 hits a day, sometimes more.... not 'viral' but still enough to draw some attention. Plus, we get a large number of readers who follow via our RSS, so people will stumble on your comments for a long time. Include any links you'd like people to know about. SELL YOURSELF. Just please no obvious porn, hate, or bias.

I can promise any comments will get a lot of talk on Twitter. All you have to lose are a few minutes and who knows?... YOUR little comment-story might take off or some readers might become aware of your own site who might not have otherwise discovered it.

Big things start from tiny whispers.

Try it...

Say something....

Here's a tip. Don't edit yourself too much. Just start typing and go.

Take a chance.. Click down below where it says - no comments... That doesn't mean you can't comment. It just means there are no comments YET. As comments appear, it will list the number of comments or just say comments.

Even if you've never blogged or had your own digital presence, this can be the place where it starts. So many people think 'why me?'.... Well, that's a bunch of bull. Why NOT you?

And why not NOW?

< regular posts will continue>


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thank you ---- Billy


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