Friday, July 22, 2016


Papa speaking.... Haven't felt so mortal since we stuffed those bastards in a 'brazen bull' about two and a half millennia ago. It's Cressida. Such an apt pupil. Wants to learn everything. Like Eliza DoLittle if she was a vampire instead of Julie Andrews (I saw the show). So many questions... Is it a sin to kill a virgin? (not if its an evil virgin)... How about pregnant women? (don't do it. if the fetus in her womb is late term, it gnaws its way through the belly, scrambles out into the world becoming that rarest of vampire creatures, the 'imp,' thin, big headed, wide eyed amoral things who manically ravage the flesh of their victims with sharp, claw-like fingernails and take in all the blood with a vacuum-like precision).... She writes it all down in a seventy nine cent spiral notebook. Bought a package of Bic pens and everything... I tell her she'll remember. I tell her she doesn't have to do that... She studies the stump where her right foot used to be... When will in grow back? - she says... In a few nights - I tell her.... Vampires regenerate lost appendages, but not the head. Never the head. Although it will reattach if held in place for a few hours. Reattaching doesn't take as long as regeneration, since little new tissue is required.... Excuse me, but she lost the foot in a sublimation accident. Tried to pass through a low stone wall in a pocket-park. Materialized to fast. Foot got caught. Foot popped off. Ignited into that 'cold' blue flame and disappeared. Some rodent thing ran out of the bushed and licked up all the grease.... I grabbed her and sublimated her back home with me. Shared my aura. We can do that... There's already a little, white, stiff, rubbery stalk growing out of it. The stump, I mean. I say - Stop playing with it.... She sucks her teeth... Billy can't bear to look at it. She laughs, hobbles over on her crutches and tries to touch him with it. He runs away.

I got her a cat, an Abyssinian thing, like a strange Siamese. She named him Menelik, after the son of King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba, since Sheba ruled Yemen and Abyssinia... Abyssinia was called Sheba... Mole people are quite well read. They have lots of old books down those tunnels. Sometimes they lay about for days reading by Sterno light, like harem girls in old Istanbul... even have a few ancient, crank-up Victrolas ...

Cressida's sister, Sylvia, misses her, but I don't want a meeting just yet. Let her settle into this new thing first. Besides, they're not blood sisters, if that makes a difference. Their 'father.' the mole king, took them in as foundlings. So many babies disappear into the tunnels. The parents never know.

I want her for Sarah. I think they'd be good friends. And do you doubt, with my abilities, I'll get them back? Doctor Franklin won't keep them forever... but I'm not ready yet.

A meal will make her heal faster. I'll bring her one. A male, I think, a young male. She'll ask if he's evil. I'll say 'yes.' He'll beg and cry. I'll stick a rag in his mouth... and then he'll be gone.

Have you ever stopped to think how many lives I've taken? Figure one a fortnight... maybe an odd extra here and there. I'm guessing it's somewhere around seven hundred thousand. Back in Neolithic and ancient times, my tribe would steal meals for me.... Sixteen hundred generations, that's all it is. If you picture one person for each generation you could fit them all in quite a small space, provided they all stand shoulder to shoulder.... NEXT!... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Now let me go get her 'take out.'

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