Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A VAMPIRE SAYS - I've been good and I've been bad, Good is Better, but Bad is More Fun.. 7/20/16

Gather 'bout your little screens, mortals, and read my words. I so rarely acknowledge your presence. Maybe after twenty eight thousand years, I've just forgotten, or grown numb to the sensations and problems you face. I am the one they call 'Papa.' Over the eons I've had many names. What difference could they possibly make to you. That's not a question. It's a fact.

But I observe the maelstrom of human life and I draw conclusions. Please know that my mortal nativity occurred far in advance of anything resembling the modern interpretations of Divinity you have today. We were, what you might call, pantheists. 'God' was everywhere and He peeked out at the world through every set of 'eyes,' both functional and figurative. A stone might see... a shaman... a wolf... a storm... a baby.... Spirits, indeed, THEE Spirit was everywhere, thus gratuitous slaughter was a no-no. Did we kill? Of course, but not like you do. It happened... crimes of passion.... tragic conflicts between tribes and clans. Yet even considering the tiny spark of humanity back then, those things were rare. Maybe we willed it so? Maybe God willed it so? My experience, though prodigious, doesn't cover everything.

Yet I want to comment on your current realization of the Divine. To me, it seems obvious. I'll bet it does to some of you too, though you just don't say it. I speak of Scripture.... the holy books of religion, as they exist in the 'west.' Each has passages of love and reconciliation. Each has instances of hate, brutality and division. I sure 'God' does that for a reason... free will and all.. You are given choices. Everything is everywhere. The path taken is yours.. You can see the dark, or you can see the light..... Get it?.... What choices do you make?

And 'scripture' goes far beyond the sanctioned tomes. There are commentaries... compendiums of religious 'law'... accounts of the acts, both bloody and otherwise' of the faithful... a large, ongoing nebulous repository or 'truth.' Beauty is as beauty does... You know what I mean... 'By their deeds, ye shall know them.

Simple?.... It is

That's why Jonathon and most other 'vampires' take vows.

Me? Over the years, I've been good and I've been bad. Good is better, though bad is more fun. The victims went up in a whoosh of 'cold' blue flames and disappeared. Those on the scene rarely suspected us. You've heard talk of this before. How do you think spontaneous human combustion legends started?

Oh, the ruling classes knew. They were our allies. We killed for them.... at least some did.... And some of us were destroyed in return.

I want to share some of my experiences.... victims taken in The Blue Grotto.... compliant 'believers' culled in shadowy cathedrals.... travelers snatched on dark roads....

I like variety...

I like to shake things up.

<more next time>


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