Thursday, August 4, 2016


Who I am means little. My words are known to many. There are worlds beyond worlds and souls beyond souls. The realizations of the Divine as practiced by you who inhabit the 'Earth' are your realizations. Other places, other truths. The proof is in 'in the pudding,' as you say. The purpose of revealed religion is always positive. If it takes the hearer to a higher plane it's true. If it salts Creation with hate lies... it's something else. But you know that. Deep down you do.

I intrude upon this 'tale' to highlight things... things that will happen and things that might happen. Oh, the tale is older than the five or six years it's been on here. We've sketched in some of that via the one called 'Papa' and references to the Lady Renate.... Remember Mister Old Bones, the Neanderthal vampire? Remember The Red Paint People?.... Most of what you've read is true... as the vampirino, Jonathon ben Macabi a.k.a. Tomas de Macabea says - We only pretend it's fiction.

Doctor Franklin is dying. Harmonic treatments can only do so much. Every day his fire lessens. He studies life-eaters (vampires) with a desperation born of necessity. I suppose, in the future, your people will transfer their essences, not merely their memories, but their 'souls' onto new 'brains' within new bodies...  But that time is not this time. We are all temporal prisoners.

And Jonathon?.... He wants to go back... He needs the land of his birth... not his vampire 'birth,' his human one. He wants to go back to Al Andaluz... the south of Spain. And he takes recent developments as a sign. The Royal Government of the House of Borbon has issued a decree, a reversal of the Expulsion Edict of 1492. This is true. The 'Right of Return' has been extended to the descendants of all the Exiles. And who more authentic than he? Not merely a generations removed great grandson or great granddaughter, but the real deal... a Spanish Jew, a 'grandee' and one 'exiled' from Spain before it even was Spain. When first informed of this thing he cried. For two weeks he spoke no English at all, but regaled those near him with a pure and sonorous Medieval Castilian, abate tinged with bits of the Classical Arabic appropriate to his time. Every heart needs romance, vampire hearts most of all....

'Not the 'Shepherd,' but the sheepdog'.... That phrase echoes through this tale. 'Noble' vampires, those bound by vows, know it. It defines them. Mortal humanity is the herd. They just channel and direct it.... 'Cull the wicked. Save the worthy'... That's another phrase. It's what they do. You know that. .... It's all in their books... their ancient, sacred books.... Some of you are familiar with La Ciencia Vampirismo. That's just one book. There are others, in languages such as Vahmperigo, Vahmperghan and many more. Vampires have always been a highly literate breed. Some say a vampire influenced Shakespeare. That vampire still survives today and is often seen at the 'house' on Hoxton Street, the place where The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn holds court. Please don't doubt me. It is a very real and well known address.... and a rather spiffy mansion too.

Look, few other 'blogs' go on for eight hundred thousand words. I know of no other. What you have here is a whole world distilled into snippets for you to taste and explore. Some posts have yet to be discovered... Like paintings in dark rooms, they wait for the light.... But they were written, because they had to be.

The time of independent 'actors' begins...

Those responsible for this blog merely record what happens...

And they appear here, because, well, that's just how it is.

Who am I? ..... Wouldn't you like to know.

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