Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Papa continues --- I tarried with that cat-eyed creature. We went forth from the caravanserai one night, running through the dry desolation. I lived on desert fox, voles, wild camels and mortal vagabonds. We slept in caves. Odd, but the heat soothed me. I slept as I had not slept in centuries. At night we counted stars. The creature shared their names. He had been to many worlds. His people were space farers and had always been space farers.  Primitive species tied to the place of their nativity frightened him. 'Prisoners' he called them... pathetic worms wriggling through the sickening sweet corruption of their birth.

Strange, how vampire-like he was, although quite mortal in the manner of his type.... humanoid in all but the slightest details... his feline eyes... the blue tongue... the vaguely orange skin.... Earth humans were as toys to him. He shared visions... dead people strung up like marionettes, performing plays in an alien tongue deep within candlelit winding caverns for bored visitors from across the void.

Twenty five thousand years ago... merely three millennia after my own creation, they abducted some... humans, I mean... and took them to our sister world, the fourth 'island' from our star... a place they called 'Cinnabar,' at least that's what it means in English. They 'fixed' them so that they might live in that place and breathe the rarefied air still found in the lowlands surrounding ancient, remnant seas... lakes actually. And thus, for the first time in eons, Mars had sentient life. Other Earth creatures were carefully added to the mix...'food'... 'prey'... Some thrived. Some perished. After a time Tuva-Tuva culture began to grow and take hold.... The 'blog keeper,' 'Billy' wrote about them. You can find them in an arc called EL RANCHO TEXACO. Search for it. You'll see. Odd how much he knows. I suppose our brains leak energy of a sort and he picks it up.

I asked the cat-eyed being if we were his children too, vampires, I mean. He smiled, but said no more. Try as I might, I could not pry the truth from his mind.

Answer me. Do you really think Jonathon and Sarah and all the rest are really with Doctor Franklin in a strange parallel universe called 'Baby Philadelphia?' That old reprobate is tricky. He's not a vampire, but more than a match for most.

Do you know he attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia?.. a jolly, wispy haired old man in a green Eagles sweat suit. They say he was part of all the big, closed door meetings, even chaired some. Hillary knows. They all do. He 'made' this city. He made America too. What would you expect? The face on the hundred dollar bill still looks out on the world.

He still pulls the strings.

Now let me roam the streets with Cressida..

I release you.....

Do whatever it is you mortals do.

I dismiss you...

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