Monday, August 15, 2016

The Vampire, Jonathon, Saves An Old Fearful Friend... 8/16/16

By this time, Jonathon knows 'Baby Philadelphia' is just an illusion, but he knows not how to escape it, or break the spell. So he and the others toss in a rough bed, praying to wake up. Even Annie, our sly, mischievous little Annie, seeks deliverance.

Their blood is siphoned off. a bit from Jonathon. a bit from Sarah, from Conrad and Annie too. Edith, being mortal remains untapped, though she still suffers too.

The Doctor hovered above the mystery that is death. Franklin knew his time was short and he feared the depths of the eternal colliery. Odd that such an accomplished specimen as he should know such apprehension, but the great ones often do, for they doubt the truth of their greatness and by their doubt bless themselves even more.

Jonathon would do anything to save him. He knew that, or he wanted to know it, but thinkers often think too much and Franklin was deeply mindful of all manner of things. Night-folk can be a haughty breed. Some of the best of them... some of the most noble and reverent and faithful become self-proud with the years and they accumulate a great many of those.

That's why the Doctor did this thing. That's why he tricked them, so that he might study their innermost selves and pick the best one. Though he always knew it would play out like this. Jonathon knew him from the beginning, ever since the young Boston lad first stepped down onto Front street. Well if not from the morn in question, certainly the first night.

So he that is known as Jonathon ben Macabi and just as rightly by Tomas de Macabea... he born to mortal life in Cordoba, of the Caliphate bearing the same name, sublimated down from the great harmonic web created by Doctor Franklin's beloved contraption and embraced the dying old scientist ( or alchemist ), who opened his eyes and smiled. Then there in that large place of science a mystical act of communion happened. Jonathon bit into his own lip and gave drink to the gray skinned old reprobate. None knew yet if one draught might save him, or two draughts or three, or if he should be brought over to join the night-folk in their world.

But they knew he would be saved and all the great philosophers, scientists and scholars of the Anti-Enchantment Bureau stood by in silence as it was brought about.

A great miracle had already happened there. The old patriot, by the grace of his best machine was preserved all these three hundred  years and more.

Now a creation of a different sort would save him yet again.

Luna, Franklin's physician assistant, who was herself a vampire, recognized the significance of the event and covered Jonathon with a lab coat, as the others still suspended in the nebulous web awakened from their nap.

While back in the townhouse, a few miles away, the unbelievably ancient vampire known as 'Papa,' whom most thought beyond emotion, wept, as he always did when mortals accepted 'the burden.'

Doctor Franklin's earthly existence went on, though in a new and different way...

Soon Jonathon and the others would return to their home. The commodious, federalist residence would welcome them back. Houses have souls, or something very much like them, too....

But the sensitive among you already knew this...

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