Friday, December 7, 2012

B.E. Scully: Why Mr. Darcy is an Honorary Vampire

B.E. Scully: Why Mr. Darcy is an Honorary Vampire: When John Polidori thrust folklore’s shadowy bloodsucker into the spotlight of 19th century Gothic storytelling, the vampire stirred to li...My stomach hurts tonight and I cannot post an episode, but here's a really cool 'guest' post by a very worthy writer with links to even more good stuff... Plus it's a dose of VAMPIRISMO til our current arc ends and we go back to TOMAS and SARAH and ANNIE and EDITH..... But if you want some more of BINGO BOY, just Google ~~> Bingo Boy by Billy Kravitz and peak in at posts you haven't read yet..... Still think MARIANNE IN BRITCHES by Billy Kravitz is a good bet too. Google that if you like. Either way, you'll like the B.E. Scully piece....... Hasta la proxima...

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